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Fredrick Austin "Fred" Glover (born January 5 1928 in Toronto, Ontario – August 16, 2001) was a former NHL player and coach. He was the brother of Howie Glover, who also played in the NHL.

Ahlhof glover.jpgthumb|400px|right| AHL Hall of Fame induction video for Fred Glover, Class of 2006.

Coaching Career[]

Fred Glover was the head coach of the following:

  • Cleveland Barons of the AHL from 1963–1968 (Winning the Calder Cup Championship in 1964).
  • Oakland Seals of the NHL from 1968-1970.
  • California Golden Seals of the NHL from 1970-1972.
  • Los Angeles Kings of the NHL from 1971–72.
  • California Golden Seals of the NHL from 1972-1974.

Awards and Achievements[]